The design of the AW18 collection, HALO 7, is based on the original, legendary workout clothes of the Special Forces. HALO 7 is fitted with stronger than ever quality materials, meeting the high military requirements of today.

In addition to the collections ATW (tech zip shirt and crew, tights and nylon shorts) and FUT (cotton hoodie with the characteristic slanted pocket, tee, crew sweat and pants), HALO 7 features a range of rugged active wear incl. an outdoor and a camo anorak, a fleece jacket, a bomber jacket, and a military parka.

HALO 7 evolves around functionality, comfort and innovative use of materials; fleece, cotton and tech fabrics; nylon, polyester and stretch fabrics. All styles are tested to be exceptionally strong, useful and functional – as military workwear should be.

The colors used in this collection are highly inspired by the military hangar, helicopter, runway, etc. The color scheme is stone gray, black, green, dark army, sand and the characteristic digi-camo print (camo anorak and camo endurance tights) – colors that may very well be combined with selected styles in vintage red and winter white signature colors.