HALO is strength, precision and functionality – tailored the determined athlete to whom training isn’t a hobby - but a lifestyle. Designed for individuals who set high expectations for themselves and have a true passion for being active. 




It all started back in 1981 with founder Helge Petersen hanging in a parachute between sky and earth, when he started wondering why his suit was wet while the parachute completely dry.

With a background in the Danish Special Forces and many years as a runner, Helge used the parachute to create an innovative range of functional products emphasizing details and comfort.

At that time, the Danish Special Forces excelled at jumping from high altitudes with low opening. Now, three decades later, HALO pays homage to both the founder as well as the legacy of Newline.

Inspired by the Danish Special Forces, HALO takes functionality and urban style to the next level.


The very DNA of HALO is deeply rooted in the Danish Special Forces added a touch of urban fashion merging active and everyday life. HALO features masculine and minimalistic silhouettes for youthful tastemakers appreciative of fashionable yet sporty aesthetics with multifunctional usage.

HALO offers innovative and high-quality designs strongly inspired by the Danish Special Forces that are made to last season after season across trends, usage and durability. Targeted the passionate and confident individual to whom training isn’t just a hobby but a lifestyle – and HALO a conscious choice serving as a personal statement



All HALO styles are designed with function in mind.


Comfort is front and center - and featured in On duty, Off duty and Women's Specific styles.


Durability is an important kicker and all styles are designed and produced to last season after season.


The strong heritage from the Danish Special Forces is reflected in every single HALO silhouette.


Heritage military aesthetics alongside strong inspiration from the Danish Special Forces and Danish minimalism dominate every design story.

High-altitude military parachuting is a method of delivering military personnel, military equipment and other military supplies from a transport aircraft at a high altitude with free-fall parachute insertion. Two techniques are used: HALO (high altitude – low opening) and HAHO (high altitude – high opening). In the HALO technique, the parachutist opens his parachute at a low altitude after free-falling for a period of time. 



At the Air Force Base Aalborg, the parachutes are packed by the Rigger Master; a person who holds an extremely important and prestigious position. The Rigger Master's workshop is located in Building 223 at the air force base; the area where the soldiers are trained to perform the airborne operations of the Armed Forces.

The number 223 is featured on selected styles – for example the HALO bomber jacket.

A Rigger Master is a person who is trained or licensed to pack, maintain or repair parachutes. A rigger is required to understand fabrics, hardware, webbing, regulations, sewing, packing, and other aspects related to the building, packing, repair, and maintenance of parachutes.



The letters ATW are printed on shoulders and calves on several of the styles in the various HALO collections. ATW refers to Aalborg Tactical Wing, the name of the building at Air Force Base Aalborg, where the parachutes from the Special Forces are repaired and approved. The parachutes are made of nylon, and all ATW styles are tech-wear of synthetic, dryfit materials.

To join The Danish Special Forces, you have an extremely good health while having exceptional self-discipline, self-confidence, and the ability to work under extreme conditions. The Corps also requires high moral standards, self-criticism, and endurance as well as advanced cooperative skills.



FUT is a military acronym for Physical Education and Training (Fysisk Uddannelse & Træning) – the original training program, which many soldiers have repeated endlessly in the army gyms.

The work of the soldiers is hard and demanding: heavy equipment and many and long patrols in challenging terrain require good health and good physique. Exercises repeated to perfection and optimal gear are important parts of the game.

FUT is off-duty training gear in soft cotton materials with clear references to the workout aesthetics of the original training program. All styles have an optimal fit and mix well with HALO tech-wear (ATW).

The elite special operations force is extremely selective and competitive; thus, it is very demanding, both mentally and physically, to enter the selection course to become an elite soldier. Approximately 10 % pass the program and become a full member of the Corps.